This is our brother Chukwuka. He‘s stranded in Indonesia. He has asked for help to be brought back home. RARDUJA international has taken it upon herself to help him go back home, reintegrate & reestablish him. We’re in contact with him both in Indonesia & Imo state. Every little assistance ll go a long way. If u wish to support this brother, donate to:


Account Name: RARDUJA e. V
Bank Name: Postbank.
IBAN DE84 1001 0010 0923 0491 00 ;
Reason for payment: Stranded Chukwuka.


Account Name: RARDUJA devp. Org.

Bank Name: First Bank

Account Number: 2030507250.

Reason for payment: Stranded Chukwuka

His cry has reached us & we will together help a brother. No amount is too small. I appreciate him for shouting loud instead of killing himself or turning to a destitute. Together we will continue to say no to unplanned Journey Abroad. Our work must go on.

We need to raise at least 2 million naira this week. We need to give him hope. Am in contact with him & agents that ll help facilitates his return. The money is for his ticket, medicals & fine for overstay. This is urgent. I can’t afford this money alone now & we don’t have more time. Either he’s caught & goes to jail or he tries to kill himself. Not after coming public to ask for help. God forbid. Let’s move now. I need results today.

Please send your contributions/Donations to any of the RARDUJA bank accounts above. You may also encourage others to do same.
Thanks a lot

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