RARDUJA International - NGO / Non-profit / Charity Organisation

About Us.

The continent Africa, portrayed as the crying face of a woman

RARDUJA (Re-educating Africans on the Risks & Dangers of Unplanned Journey Abroad and Empowering the Youth).

was founded on the 10th of April, 1999, (then Green Foundation). Hon. Eddy Duru is the President and Founder of RARDUJA International.
Since the inception of RARDUJA (20+), RARDUJA with it’s team of professionals had the opportunity to travel around the world and experienced first-hand on several issues affecting African illegal migrants in Europe and other foreign countries around the world, – the deaths, the difficulties, the failed expectations, the lies, the frustrations and the successes.

Day in, day out, several news are heard of deaths of illegal immigrants trying to cross into Europe and other foreign countries through the sea, desert, human traffickers or some other illegal ways. However, this situation is better preventive than curative; hence RARDUJA International was initiated and established in different parts of the world:-

RARDUJA has a vast capacity of professional team members that rang from coordinators to regional representatives down to volunteers that consistently carryout awareness campaigns in Schools, Universities, Religious Centers, on the streets, in radio stations, television stations and organizing entrepreneurial training and creating opportunities for Africans.

Our Vision

To build the spirit of Patriotism and Nationalism in African youths for their respective Nations.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement as the acronym RARDUJA goes, is enlightenment, informing and re-educating Nigerian/African youths on why they should not be involved in ‘panic migration’, especially engaging in such journey through the death traps of the sea, the desert and likewise.

Aims & Objectives

RARDUJA believes that preventive measures as a remedy for illegal migration is better than curative deals.

Hence the things we aim at, so as to objectively achieve these are as follows:

To bring to the awareness of youths at different levels, the risks and dangers inherent in ‘panic’ migration abroad, because of the suppose harsh economy, by conducting seminars and workshops.

To develop human capacity, we strongly encourage entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, handwork and vocational studies for the youths.

To reduce the quest for migration, We make an alternative offer to the youths by offering them no-interest microcredit to enable them to establish  a workshop/business and other trade investment depending on the area of interest and specialization.

To breed a new generation of Nigerians/Africans who believe that the change in their nation can only come through collective efforts, dedication, transparency and productivity.

To promote the harnessing of African rich and untapped resources by youthful Nigerian/African technocrats and intellectuals.

To encourage and support African Diaspora returnees, re-absorb them and the professionals amongst them are encouraged to give back their acquired knowledge to their respective countries.

To integrate back into the society/home country, those who had failed expectations in Europe and overseas.

To deliver susceptible victims of human traffickers, by exposing their baits and luring characteristics in seminars, workshops, publications and airwaves jiggles.

To author and publish books that answer to various questions and demands placed on the above aims and objectives.